In case of a large broken water line, no water, or other water emergency, please see if a report has already been made using our . If the leak has not been reported, call 512-972-1000 immediately.

For all other water leak reports, please complete an . Austin Water is responsible for maintaining and replacing water mains throughout the service area. Property owners are responsible for the service lines past the meter (private side) and internal plumbing.

Detecting Leaks at Your Property

福气快三彩票Here's how to locate your water meter and check for leaks:


Leak Repair Process

福气快三彩票Fixing a major broken water line isn’t easy. Austin Water works to minimize disruptions with a leak repair process:

  1. 福气快三彩票 – Austin Water’s Dispatch Center takes leak reports made to 512-972-1000, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Austin Water responds to  during normal business hours.

  2. Service Request福气快三彩票 – A service request is created and sent to an Austin Water technician. If the report was sent via the , you will be sent an email with a service request number.

  3. Leak Investigation福气快三彩票 – The technician will investigate the leak; confirm the location, size and nature of the leak, and alert traffic control crews if the leak requires rerouting traffic. Pinpointing the source of a leak can be tricky; sometimes acoustic listening devices are used.

  4. Customer Impact Assessment - To repair a leak or broken water line, crews often have to shut the water off to the broken line. Before Austin Water shuts the water off, we assess the impact on the surrounding homes, businesses, schools and hospitals. Valve crews work to isolate the break and reroute water  to minimize the impact to the community.

  5. Leak Repair - Repair crews are on standby 24-hours a day to repair broken waterlines and leaks.

After the repair is completed, Austin Water will turn the water back on, fill in the hole and temporarily repair the road or sidewalk. Permanent repairs are made through the City of Austin’s Public Works Department.


Bill Adjustments

福气快三彩票For information about High Water Bill Adjustments, Water Leak Bill Adjustments and more, visit the page.